Duets – reflection on paper

What happens if we let the pencil dance on the paper? An automatic writing - drawing jam Immediately after our dance, after we explore ourselves in motion. Material collected in the process of duets' encounters during: - 'Antamomata/ Ichi-go Ichi-e' - Interactive installation by Vassia Valkanioti for the anniversary festival of 25years Schloss Bröllin -... Continue Reading →

German Polish duets – walking together

How does it feel to walk side by side? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Schloss Bröllin art research center, working in the development of Flying Duets, a movement-based method to bring together diverse social and cultural identities, through art. Supported by “START – Create Cultural Change”, a program of Robert Bosch Stiftung, conducted in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki... Continue Reading →

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